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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

7 No Nicotine Vape Juice Flavors You’ll Love

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A widespread misconception about vaping is that you must ingest nicotine from your vape juice. This is not true. One of the great things about switching to vaping is the endless amount of customization options, including nicotine free vape juices.


You can’t walk into a store and create your own blend of cigarette, but at V2, you can tailor your e-liquid to have different levels of nicotine, all the way down to no nicotine. The ability to taper off of nicotine with a gradual decrease in nicotine levels is also possible.


Have you been looking for a new vape juice but don’t want to use one with nicotine? We offer many options to choose from in the V2 E-Liquid Marketplace.


7 Popular Vape Juice Flavors with No Nicotine


Sahara VG E-Liquid

For the tobacco traditionalist, this flavor has rich undertones with a true tobacco taste. If you like an authentic tobacco flavor, you will love tobacco-flavored vape juices like Sahara. It combines mild Turkish tobacco with sweet undertones that go together perfectly in the VG version.



Cosmic Fog Chewberry

If you’re more interested in something fruity, Cosmic Fog’s Chewberry offers a great mix of sun-ripened strawberries with passion fruit. This blend of tropical flavors creates an exotic cocktail of flavors that is sure to please your sweet tooth.



Puff Dragon E-Liquid

Looking for something with a little tropical with a twist? This is it! Send your taste buds on vacation with this flavorful option combining dragon fruit and menthol. Never heard of dragon fruit (pitaya)? It has a mildly sweet flavor, closest probably in sweetness to a kiwi.



Charlie’s Chalk Dust Big Belly Jelly

If if dragon fruit isn’t your thing but you still want something fruity, check out Big Belly Jelly by Charlie’s Chalk Dust. A sweet and fruity vape that blends mouthwatering, vine-ripened watermelon with a blast of tart blueberry. It’s like summer all year long with this fruity flavor.



V2 Platinum Chocolate E-Liquid

Do you prefer the decadence of chocolate over fruity flavors? If so, this chocolate dream is the answer! Creamy chocolate deliciousness is perfected in this chocolate vape juice flavor that is also available with no nicotine!



Brewell Orinigal VG E-Juice

If VG e-liquids are what you’re after, Brewell has a collection of tobacco-flavored VG ejuices that have quickly become customer favorites! The original flavor features a nutty undertone that ads an interesting layer of taste to this no nicotine vape juice.



MYLK Caramel Almond E-Juice

If a smooth and creamy flavor is what you seek, look no further than MYLK’s Caramel Almond e-liquid. The milky taste is mellow, allowing the caramel to fill your mouth with a nutty almond undertone. With no nicotine, there’s no reason for you not to try it!


If you’ve already tried non nicotine vape juice flavors, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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