Is Vaping Better for the Environment?

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A large drawback (aside from the known health concerns) of smoking traditional cigarettes is the damage they do to the environment– from the smoke they put off (second hand smoke affects people and the planet) to tossing those stinky butts (where do they all go?) there is a lot of environmental impact. So it raises the question, is vaping better for the environment? You be the judge.


No synthetic-fiber cigarette filters to dispose of

The filters from cigarettes make up an enormous amount of trash that sometimes finds its way to landfills but often litters our beaches, streets and parks. According to the National Institute of Health, the non-biodegradable litter “are the single most collected item on international beach cleanups each year.”


A staggering amount ends up in our environment- “It is estimated that 1.69 billion pounds (845,000 tons) of butts wind up as litter worldwide per year.” Vaping with a reusable pen eliminates all of this waste. Helping keep unnecessary items off our beaches and out of the sea.


No second hand smoke 

Aside from the tens-of-thousands of tons of air pollution created each year (equal to about half of the air pollution caused by cars in the United States according to a study) by smoking combustible cigarettes, which pollutes our air and affects everything from asthma to smog, with vaping there is no awful scent associated. You can choose to vape with unflavored ejuice which produces no vapor scent, or you can go for a multitude of flavor options much more pleasant than thick, noxious cigarette smoke.


Not only that, “the vapor contains nothing like the concentrations of carcinogens and toxins in cigarette smoke. In fact, toxin concentrations are almost all well below 1/20th that of cigarette smoke.” That is according to a 2014 study in the British Journal of Medical Practice.


This is all because when you vaporize liquid nicotine, the only by-products are water, nicotine gas (if you’re using a nicotine vape) and propylene glycol. Water and nicotine gasses occur naturally and propylene glycol is an organic compound.


Batteries are reusable  

With convenient options for recharging your device, like while on the go in your car, or stocking up on extra batteries, or even portable charging cases, you’ll never be in need of a lighter again. Long-life ion batteries that power vapes are more convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.


Containers are recyclable

This is important for a few reasons, including the production of vape pens over cigarettes. 1.5 million trees are cut down each year to produce cigarettes. That’s an alarming amount that would better be served cleaning the air and keeping forests in tact. Those trees are cut down and wasted, as there are no recyclable elements in a cigarette. Instead, vape pens, their ejuice containers and packaging can all be recycled. This creates less waste, less trash. Less in our landfills and littering our beaches, parks and waterways.


What do you think is the greener choice? Is vaping better for the environment?


How do you help keep the environment cleaner?

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