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10 Reasons to Join the V2 Ecig Forum Right Now

Filed in E-Cig Lovers by on February 8, 2018 4 Comments

The V2 Forum is one of the top ecig forums online, connecting millions of new and seasoned vapers from around the world. Whether you’re a newbie who needs help figuring out the basics or just want to connect with similarly minded vapers, the V2 Forum is a great place to start. It’s easy to navigate and a great free online resource to take advantage of.

With nearly 3 million pageviews in 2017 and ton of giveaways, there are more than just a few reasons why you should join the V2 forum in 2018. To help convince you, we’ve outlined the top 10 best reasons to join the V2 Forum today!

1. Exclusive Monthly Giveaways and Vaping Deals

Every month, we host a Customer of the Month giveaway that is exclusive to forum members. We have given away hundreds of V4F points, free V2 Pro vape pens and a variety of personalized e-liquids for simply participating in our monthly contests. In addition to giveaways, we also post exclusive vaping deals and coupon codes in the Promotions and Discounts category. You may also want to check the Customer Appreciation category for special offers.

2. Connect with Vaping Experts from Around the World

One of the cool things about the V2 Forum is that it connects vapor fans from around the world. From Australia, to the UK to Pakistan and the US, you can make online vapor friends who will help you maximize your vaping experience.

3. Earn Vape 4 Free Rewards Points

Did you know we give new V2 forum members 20 FREE Vape 4 Free points when they sign up? Registering is easy and takes less than 90 seconds to complete.

4. Get Access To Our CEO

Unlike most vaping forums and platforms, the V2 Forum is frequented by our CEO, Andries_V2cigs. You can often find him in our forum answering questions about new products, asking for customer feedback and talking about exciting company news like our potential IPO.

5. Troubleshooting

The V2 forum is a great place to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your vaporizer. There are hundreds of savvy and long-term forum members that can help you maximize usage of your V2 Pro vaporizer, get the best vapor production from PG, VG, VG/PG e-liquids. In addition, Samantha, the V2 Forum administrator, can assist you with any inquiries regarding product functionality, a pending order or the latest online sale.

6. Read Other’s Stories and Share Yours

People across the world have made remarkable lifestyle changes with the help of vapor devices and global brands like V2. Making the switch to vaping can be confusing, hard and at times, scary. Sharing your struggles and overall experience with other vapers in the V2 Forum has become an invaluable asset to thousands of people. If you are making the switch to the smoke-free, tobacco-free lifestyle, visit the Member Success Stories section to share your experiences and hear from others that have taken it up, too!

7. Updated Categories and Discussions

In an effort to provide a better user experience, we’ve recently updated the Categories and Discussions in the V2 Forum. This has made navigating in our global forum much easier! Whether you have a customer service question, want to talk about all things politics or want to see the latest sale promotion or V2 contest, you will easily be able to find it on the V2 Forum!

8. Learn About the Advances of Vapor Technology

While the electronic cigarette has technically been around for over a century, the vapor devices millions of people use today are drastically different. This is all thanks to the vaping industry’s ability to constantly evolve and innovate. When you regularly visit the V2 Forum, you can get the scoop on new products and product improvements that are in our pipeline.

9. Get Updates on Vaping Rules & Regulations

As a fairly new industry facing a variety of regulations on the local, state and federal levels, its important to stay informed about your favorite pastime. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we share Vaping Regulation Updates on the V2 Forum. This helps V2 fans find ways to submit their thoughts and opinions to their local and federal policy makers.

10. You Don’t Need a Social Media Account to Join!

One of the great things about joining the V2 Forum is that its an easy and hassle free sign up process. You don’t need to log in with your Facebook account—simply use your email address, create a password and share your reason for signing up and you’ll get a verified account in no time!

So now that you know all the reasons why you should take your V2 vapor journey to the next level by joining the V2 Forum, what are you waiting for?  Become a member now and join the conversation!

Comments (4)

  1. Sherri says:

    Got a V2 for my husband to help him get off cigs. He is down to 3 a day. Loves it

  2. Candace Latwis says:

    Thanks to V2 my health and life is so much better. Four years ago I switched from being a 2 pack a day smoker to V2 and never looked back.

  3. Joan Motyka says:

    Hey thereV2..I am very interested in joining the forum..I am a smoker trying to quit…I do have a mod but I am sure I have a lot of questions and the support would be awesome…not to mention being a part of the v2 family….ty for ur time….let’s all breath better while we hang in the clouds.😎

  4. i love your company and all it stands for. i feel that you are fair and diligent in your company. if i have a problem it is addressed and resolved. very nice people

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