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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

3 New Ways to Vape E-Liquids Using Your V2 Pro Series 7 Vape

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The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer offers a variety of uses, from vaping dry herb and concentrates to several e-liquid vaping options. This vape is more versatile than ever before, specifically for vaping e-liquids.


With the addition of the 3 e-liquid vaping cartridges below, you can now tailor your Series 7 to your particular vaping preferences. Whether you like VG or PG, or prefer pre-filled cartridges for convenience, there is an S7 cartridge for you!


Series 7 Pro Pod Adapter

Our latest innovation for the Series 7 is the Pro Pod Adapter Cartridge. This allows you to drop in one of our all-new Pro Pods into the adapter and enjoy your favorite V2 e-liquid flavor easier than ever before.


Pro Pods are currently available in V2 Red and V2 Menthol in nicotine concentrations of 1.2% and 1.8%. More flavors, like Sahara and Congress, will be coming soon, as will the additional nicotine concentrations for V2 Red and V2 Menthol.


You can buy Pro Pods in packs of 3, 12, 24 and 48, with even more savings when you purchase in larger quantities. Visit v2.com and try Pro Pods today and share your experiences with us in the V2 E-Cig Forum.


Series 7 Ceramic PG E-Liquid Cartridge

If you prefer to fill your own e-liquid cartridges instead of buying pre-filled ones, check out the Series 7 Ceramic E-Liquid Cartridge. With a 1.6 ohm atomizer, it is the perfect fit for all of your High PG e-liquid favorites. Its ceramic heating element offers a clean, smooth taste.


It can be refilled up to 20 times before it needs to be replaced, giving you added savings as compared to other cartridges. It also offers increased vapor production, creating large, dense vapor clouds.


This cartridge is compatible with High PG customer favorites like V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol, Zig Zag Island Breeze and PG/VG blends like XEO Minty Grape. You can shop all of these flavors in our E-Liquid Marketplace in various nicotine concentrations and flavors.


Series 7 Ceramic VG E-Liquid Cartridge

If you prefer the sweet, thick flavors of VG e-liquid blends, check out the Series 7 Ceramic VG E-Liquid Cartridge. With a sub-ohm atomizer, it is compatible with High VG E-liquids. Like the PG Cartridge, this one also lasts up to 20 refills before needed to be replaced.


Start chasing clouds while vaping your VG E-liquid flavors like Cosmic Fog Chewberry, Brewell Tobacco Series Ice and XEO Tobacco Red. If you prefer the classic V2 E-Liquid flavors, you can enjoy the VG Versions of V2 Red, Sahara and V2 Menthol.


No matter which VG vape juice flavor you choose, you will not be disappointed with the performance of the PG and VG Ceramic E-Liquid Cartridges for the V2 Pro Series 7.


Which of the 3 Series 7 E-Liquid cartridges do you prefer and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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