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9 Reasons Why You Should Switch from blu to V2 Today!

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With so many electronic cigarette companies to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. At V2, our goal is not only to bring about the latest innovations in vapor technology, but also to ensure customer satisfaction with our products.


If you’re a member of the V2 Ecig Forum, you may have come across this thread where customers have compared our products to those of blu, an electronic cigarette company owned by Imperial Brands, parent company of Imperial Tobacco. We think it’s important to highlight the differences between the products, so we’ve compiled the list below of 9 reasons why you should switch from blu to V2 today.


1 – V2 Offers Innovative and Versatile Vaping Devices

At V2, we have evolved our line of vaporizers from traditional cigalikes with disposable cartridges to our Pro line of multi-use vaporizers. We still offer our Classic batteries and popular EX batteries, but the vapor industry has changed over the past decade and with that so has our product offerings.


With blu, you are far more limited in the capabilities of their eCigs. They really only compare to our Classic and EX batteries in terms of functionality, but based on customer reviews, it’s clear that you get more for your dollar with V2.


2 – V2 Offers a Lifetime Warranty

We believe in our products so much, that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty. This is compared to the one year warranty blu offers on their vapor products. What this makes clear is that V2 vaporizers are not meant to be disposable, but meant to last.


3 – V2 Offers Long-Lasting Battery Life

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints about blu that we have seen in our forum and elsewhere is the fact that the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. As one forum member noted, V2 batteries last longer. And if an issue is encountered, they will be replaced with a quick call to our customer service department. This means that you can vape with your V2 device without worrying about the battery blinking or dying out, leaving you without your daily nicotine fix.


4 – V2 E-Liquid Marketplace Offers More Variety and Nicotine Strengths

If you’ve visited our E-Liquid Marketplace, you know that we offer a variety of vaping liquid brands, flavor profiles and nicotine strengths. All of these flavors have been carefully curated to make this your one-stop-shop for all of your e-liquid needs.


Most of the V2 Platinum series flavors are also available in pre-filled cartridges, taking the guesswork out of how much you should fill your cartridge. These also offer a pure flavor profile and consistency between cartridges.


While blu does offer a limited amount of e-liquids, they lack variety. Also, according to customer reviews, it can be difficult to fill their cartridges. At V2 we want to make it as painless as possible for you to begin vaping your favorite flavors.


5 – Compatibility with Dry Herb/Wax Cartridges, PG and VG Flavors

The V2 Pro Series 3X is perhaps one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market today because of its versatility and functionality. With it, you can vape your favorite e-liquid, then drop in a cartridge for dry herb or wax into the recessed magnetic chamber to change your vaping mode instantly. There are cartridges for PG and VG eliquids, and our latest innovation – Pro Pods. Pro Pods bring the convenience of disposable cartridges to the modern vaporizer at a price that can’t be beat.



6 – Savings Per Pod

With V2 Pro Pods priced at $9.99 for a 3 Pack, you can see savings instantly compared to blu, where a 2 pack of pods will run you $8.99. That’s only $1 more for an entire Pro Pod, not to mention the versatility you get from the device. With a V2 Pro Series vape, you can vape just about anything, making it the only vaporizer you need!


7 – V4F Rewards Points

In addition to savings per cartridge, you can also save by enrolling in the V2 Vape 4 Free rewards program. When you do, all of your purchases will add points to your account that can later be used toward your next purchase at v2.com. Sign up today and start saving!


8 – V2 Vapes Have Better Customer Reviews

When it comes to shopping for the best deal on your next vaporizer, don’t take our word for it. If you search product reviews for any V2 device you will likely find that customers are very satisfied with their performance. Check out the reviews on YouTube and scroll down on any product page to find out what customers are saying in their verified reviews.


9 – blu is Owned by Big Tobacco

One of the things that seems to deter customers from blu is the fact that they are owned by big tobacco. Most people who switch to vaping are trying to get off cigarettes, so supporting big tobacco with your vaping purchase seems counterproductive to most.


V2 is a vapor technology company with no ties to big tobacco. Our sole focus is on product innovation and customer satisfaction and we are humbled by the many customer stories about how V2 vaporizers have changed their lives.


Visit the V2 Forum to share your experiences with blu and V2. We would also love to hear about your experiences with V2 products in the comments below!


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