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Shop All of These Brands Now in Our E-Liquid Marketplace!

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Did you know that we carry a variety of brands of e-liquid in our E-Liquid Marketplace in addition to V2 flavors? Whether your favorite is tobacco, menthol, fruit, or specialty, we have an e-liquid to fit everybody’s taste buds! They are available pre-filled or refillable in varying nicotine strengths.


Here are some of the premium e-liquid brands you can shop now on v2.com:


V2 & Vapor2



If you’re shopping V2 flavors, we offer many different choices. If you prefer pre-filled cartridges, you can shop most of our popular V2 flavors (like V2 Red and V2 Menthol) compatible with our EX and Classic batteries. And now with the new V2 Pro Pods, you can purchase pre-filled cartridges for your Series 3/3X and Series 7 vaporizers!



We also offer V2 and Vapor2 flavors in bottles so that you can load your vape juice into blank cartridges if that’s what you prefer. If you’re someone that likes to shop limited edition flavors like Peppermint Bark, then this is the way to go. Our new Series 7 PG and VG Ceramic E-liquid Cartridges make it easier than ever to enjoy any e-liquid.





Another popular brand available in our marketplace is XEO. This German company manufactures many different flavors that our customers have grown to love. XEO Royal Peach is ideal for somebody with a sweet tooth and penchant for fruity vaping flavors. They also offer popular tobacco flavors like Red and Gold.


Black Note



If you like strong traditional tobacco flavors, check out Black Note. Black Note Legato is one of their most popular flavors, combining Italian Kentucky tobacco with an earthy, nutty taste. If you prefer Virginia tobacco, Black Note Prelude would be an excellent choice. These PG/VG blends offer a good throat hit and a smooth draw. They also offer a menthol flavor that has received great reviews from our customers.


Cosmic Fog



If you’re looking for specialty flavors, Cosmic Fog will be right up your alley. Meticulously curated, these flavors offer a burst of fruitiness that is usually balanced for a more sophisticated flavor. If caramel apples sound appealing, Cosmic Fog Dapple Whip might be the flavor for you. Another fan favorite is their Milk and Honey flavor.


Vape Bartender



Vape Bartender e-liquids offer top-shelf cocktail flavor pairings. You can try their refreshing Ginger Ale or warm Irish Cappuccino flavors. And the best part about shopping Vape Bartender e-liquids on v2.com is that you can receive 50% off while supplies last! Head over to our Sale Page to shop these flavors now and save with this vaping deal!


Charlie’s Chalk Dust



Another brand that specializes in interesting flavor pairings, Charlie’s Chalk Dust offers a tempting variety of flavorful e-liquids. If you like to indulge in lemon meringue pie, you might want to try their Charlie’s Mr. Meringue flavor. Partial to caramel sundaes? Then try their Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream flavor – you won’t regret it. And make sure you have your sub-ohm cartridge ready as these blends are high VG.


Ripe Vapes



Looking for a sweet temptation? Ripe Vapes offers a variety of interesting flavor combinations, all in smooth and sweet high VG. They combine vanilla custard with tobacco, an unlikely combo that seems to please those who have tried it. And if peanut butter banana sandwiches are something you like to indulge in, try Ripe Vapes Monkey Snack. They also offered tropical fruit varieties in case you want to go a little bit sweeter.





If you love a cold glass of milk with fruit, you may just fall in love with MYLK e-liquids. Their MYLK Strawberry flavor offers a strawberries and cream flavor that is popular amongst our customers. It’s also our CEO’s favorite! MYLK Melon is also a favorite, with a unique combination of melon and cream flavorings.


Brewell Tobacco Series



For those who are looking for a high VG tobacco powerhouse, Brewell’s Tobacco Series is for you. They offer tobacco and menthol flavors with nutty and butterscotch undertones. Brewell Vapory is also the manufacturer of MYLK, so if you like MYLK you may love Brewell Tobacco Series flavors.





Interested in trying a clove vaping liquid? Zig-Zag offers one that’s available in our marketplace along with their tropical fruit blends. These PG blends are also available in pre-filled cartridges that are compatible with V2 batteries.


The best thing about having several brands available on v2.com is that you can get all of your favorite flavors in one place! Is there an e-liquid brand you would like us to carry in our marketplace? Share in the comments and check back for new flavors!

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  1. Ben Edendale says:

    I like most of the mentioned brands. Now I am just confused which one to choose!
    I usually like to try different flavors. So according to your choice which one is a must that I should try? Let me know soon. Thanks!

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