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Another Study Concludes That Vaping is Safer than Smoking

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Did you know that the National Academy of Sciences recently published a study about the health effects of ecigarettes? In it, they conclude that vaping is safer than smoking – something that V2 customers have been saying for years.


In a recently published opinion piece published by US News & World Report, they conclude that “anti-tobacco groups and state health departments that have been telling the public that vaping is just as bad (or worse) than smoking, that vaping is just as addictive as smoking, that vaping is associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart disease or lung disease, or that there is no evidence that vaping can help smokers quit have been spreading serious misinformation.”


The article goes on to state that second hand vapor is far less harmful than second hand smoke and that there is no evidence that vaping can increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and other issues that have been reported by anti-vaping groups.


While the media is always looking for sensational headlines and bombards us with scary stories about harms associated with vaping, it seems that they are doing a disservice to our public health by falsely equating the health risks of vaping with the risks of taking up cigarettes.


While there are no studies on the long term effects of vaping due to the fact that it is a new technology, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. If you visit the V2 Ecig Forum, you can read the stories of many V2 customers that have switched to vaping to improve their overall health.


Mike, the winner of our V2 Customer of the Month contest for December 2017 shared his vaping story in our forum:


“I have been using series 3 for the past 3 years and love them, my daughter bought me my first one and gave it to me on Christmas eve 2014. Used to smoke a pack and a half a day, haven’t had a cigarette since. She saved my life and so did v2 pro, because I was borderline COPD. Last physical no signs of it. – Mcarney13”


The US News article concludes by stating that the FDA and Congress should avoid prohibitive measures to block most electronic nicotine delivery systems from the market and instead focus on offering the public a viable alternative to smoking cigarettes that minimizes health risks.


At V2, we stand with the FDA and Congress in making sure that young people are not exposed to vaping, something we can all agree is not the intended purpose of ecigs. We support the passing of the Cole-Bishop Amendment and urge you to reach out to your representatives to make sure that common sense vaping regulations are put in place to protect public health.


Let your voice be heard on this issue! How has vaping changed your life? Share your stories with us in the comments below and visit our forum to connect with like-minded vapers that have had similar experiences.


Comments (2)

  1. Camisteam says:

    Good information. Very helpful blog.

  2. Nancy says:

    Finally!!! Vaping is getting some solid good news. I’ve been a V2 customer since 2011! My sister gave me a starter kit for Christmas 2010, and I haven’t had so much as one drag of a real cigarette since!!
    Thank you V2, I truly believe you saved my life. I
    I was a 11/2-2 pack a day smoker with chronic bronchitis and asthma (pre-COPD) until I put down the cigarettes and started vaping.
    I’ve sent you many customers over the years and I hope they keep it up.

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