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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with V2!

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Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

If you’re a college student drinking green beer or a baby boomer recalling St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Boston and New York, you may be wondering who exactly St. Patrick was and why his feast day is marked by drinking alcohol and taking to the streets to celebrate.


Saint Patrick was a 5th century missionary responsible for converting the Irish to Christianity. His feast day, March 17, marks the day of his death. Thanks to St. Paddy, all restrictions on eating and drinking during lent have traditionally been lifted during his feast day. This is why drinking and celebrating has become synonymous with this holiday.



Fun Fact: The parades we also associate with St. Patrick’s Day actually began in North America in the 18th century. This was before the Irish began holding parades to mark the occasion in the 20th century.


V2 St. Patrick’s Day Bundle

From listening to many of our V2 vapers, we know that drinking beer and going out increases your desire for nicotine. Be sure to take your vape with you on your St. Patrick’s Day adventure this year!


If you want to mark the occasion with a new bottle of e-liquid and some extra blanks, check out our St. Patrick’s Day bundle! Just choose your favorite V2 flavor and your desired nicotine strength and we will send it to you with a pack of 3 EX Blanks at a discounted price – for a limited time only, though!


Go with the green theme and choose V2 Menthol or choose Coffee to pair with your Irish car bomb. If you’re a big fan of Irish coffee, you might also want to add a Vape Bartender Irish Cappuccino E-Liquid to your cart. They’re 50% off while supplies last, so act fast! Or just go with your favorite flavor. Either way, you can save on your St. Patrick’s Day purchase at v2.com.



V2 Forum Customer of the Month Contest

Head over to the V2 Forum to enter for a chance to win a V2 St. Patrick’s Day bundle! All you have to is answer this question in the contest thread:


“In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we are internally testing some beer flavored vapor flavors! Would you ever vape a beer flavor? Yes or no? Tell us why or why not!”


Not a forum member yet? Sign up today to get exclusive updates on V2 products and promotions. You can also connect with vapers from around the world and share your success stories!


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