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Let’s Take Action on the Cole-Bishop Amendment Before It’s Too Late

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Vaping Industry Regulation Update: Now’s your chance to let Congress know that you want common sense regulations on the vaping industry to protect minors! Help us get the Cole-Bishop Amendment passed to provide common sense regulations on vaping products.


What is the Cole-Bishop Amendment?

Representatives Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA) have introduced a bipartisan amendment that will recalibrate regulatory efforts aimed at the vaping industry. This bill was introduced in 2017, but failed to make it into the final funding bill passed by Congress last year. It’s on the table again now in 2018 and we urge you to take action to make sure that this amendment gets passed for the sake of the vapor technology industry.



What exactly does this amendment regulate?

According to the Vapor Technology Association, “The Cole-Bishop Amendment would ban self-service displays in stores, would ban the sale of vapor products in vending machines and kiosks, would require warnings like “Keep out of Reach of Children” and “Underage Sale Prohibited” on all labels, and would restrict print advertising to publications only marketed to adults. In addition, the bill would strengthen FDA enforcement by mandating that all retailers register with the FDA.”


And, according to Vaping 360, “The most important part of the amendment is that it changes to predicate date in the FDA Deeming Rule from Feb.15, 2007 to Aug. 8, 2016. That means that if the Cole-Bishop Amendment passes, all vaping products that are already on the market can continue to be sold without being forced into the FDA’s brutally expensive and difficult premarket tobacco application (PMTA) process.”


Where does V2 stand on this issue?

As we have stated in many previous vaping regulation updates, V2 has taken steps to self-regulate while the FDA and Congress decide exactly when and how they will begin to formally regulate this relatively new industry. We make sure that our branding, creatives and sales channels are marketed only to adults of legal age to consume tobacco products.


If you visit our E-Liquid Marketplace, you will note that the packaging on the e-liquids we manufacture and sell do not feature imagery that would appeal to minors. We verify the age of our customers and support legislation that protects our youth from consuming nicotine products. We also want to protect our products from over-regulation so that we can continue to innovate ways to service the adults that rely on our nicotine delivery systems.


How can I get involved?

As with most issues being addressed by Congress, the best thing you can do is call your representative in Congress and let them know where you, their constituent, stand on this issue. You can also help by spreading the word to other vapers on social media. Share this blog post and the link below with anyone willing to lend a voice to this issue before it’s too late!


Click Here to contact Congress NOW!


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