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Worried About Metals in Your E-Liquid? Don’t Be

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As a vaper, you are probably used to seeing sensational media stories about the harms for ecigarettes. Every week, a new study is published and the headlines make it seem like vaping is far worse than the alternative.


But is there any truth in these headlines? In the age of fake news, it’s always important to look beyond headlines and figure out where the sensational statements come from. Are they valid? Or are they exaggerated like clickbait links trying to get you to see what some former child star looks like today?



Environmental Health Perspectives E-Liquid Study

One of the most recent headlines about vaping was based on research published by Environmental Health Perspectives. The conclusions of the study indicated that the metallic coils used in some vapes could introduce toxic chemicals to the vaper. But how accurate are their findings?


Vaping Post recently published an article that takes a closer look at what conclusions can actually be drawn from this study. As it turns out, there are several flaws in the study’s methodology that bring their conclusions into question. The article includes statements from vaping experts that suggest that this data has been misinterpreted.


Who Benefits from Fake Vaping News?

As a result, misinformation has been spreading across the web that sews fear in the minds of vapers and smokers that are considering making the switch. While the validity of these statements is in question, vapers are left to wonder: who are these sensationalist headlines serving?


Evidence of the harms of smoking cigarettes is well documented, yet many groups are attempting to put vaping into the same category with far less evidence (if any at all). At the end of the day, this only serves big tobacco. With the lives of so many smokers hanging in the balance, it’s important to stop the spread of misinformation that could dissuade them from kicking the habit.


What Do You Think?

Have you read this study and the Vaping Post article? What conclusions have you drawn? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Comments (8)

  1. Bruce Adkins says:

    Having worked for 30 years in the fire service and watching and knowing the latest evolving facts and evidence on inhaled toxins and their affects on humans, and working for 10 years closely with forensic evidence officials using state of the art equipment, It seems criminal for false and misleading statements to be published which would deter people from eliminating combustion and inhalation from their lives.

  2. Babette Autry says:

    I feel if they would tell all of the positives compared to smoking and compare those it would shed some light.
    Of course I want the vape industry to use the safest introduced available.

  3. Dawn Zaiser says:

    Doctor says I’m in perfect health! 6 years on classic carts!

  4. Michael Beckman says:

    My personal opinion is that as soon as the tobacco industry figures out a way to get a cut of profits from the vape industry the reports on vaping will completely change and only liquids with nicotine will be the culprit, not the coils. Same is true with the debate on medical cannabis for pain vs drugs like oxycodone.

  5. Lynn Elliott says:

    I am getting sick and tired of the many state and local municipalities that have been creating legislation that lumps vapers into the same categories as smokers. This is government creating laws based on appearances rather than facts. What’s next? It’s a slippery slope folks. As someone who has not smoked a cigarette in over seven years, I object to being asked to stand with the smokers while I vape so that I may ingest the proven toxins that are emitted from the second hand smoke. I elected to quit cigarettes to avoid this very hazard. They’re wrong on so many levels.

  6. Phil F says:

    All I know is that I’ve vaped for 4 years now and I am down to 0% nicotine. I’ve have stopped coughing and feel better than I have in years and although I use vaping to satisfy my need to have something in my hand and mouth, I feel vaping has saved me from a lot of health problems. I do have COPD from too many years of smoking cigarettes but vaping doesn’t aggravate my condition. Any concerns from government aren’t about anybody’s health, it’s about government getting their greedy hands on more money by taxing vaping.

  7. Denise says:

    I don’t believe a word of it. I quit smoking about five or six years ago, on the advice of my doctor I started on v-2. Without it, I probably have COPD or worse, cancer, by now. I have had several people, who have asked me how I quit, and I always tell them to check out V-2.

  8. I have been using V2 Cigs for 5 years.I had been smoking normal cigs for 45 years.When my first package of V2cigs arrived i swapped over and have never smoked a normal cig again. I read about a article on facebook which said vaping can give you 10 types of cancer.Now that is what i call fake news.Iam lucky that my lungs were ok after smoking for so many years. Since changing to V2 my lungs have a better capacity than when i first started smoking as a teenager.I am fitter my clothes do not smell of smoke.My car does not have the horrible smell either.My Doctor approves and is amazed as well.

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