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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide Vaping Moms Will Love

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Whether you’re shopping for your own mom or someone else’s, or you’re a mom looking to treat yourself, coming up with truly mom-worthy Mother’s Day gift ideas isn’t always a piece of cake. For your shopping inspiration and convenience, we’ve put together a short and sweet list of unique Mother’s Day gifts that any mom will love!



Here are some great Mother’s Day gifts that are thoughtful, smart and straight from the heart:


Happy Mother's Day


#1 A Personal, Positive Expression

Your mom has always had your best interest at heart. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show her that you have hers, too. Let her know just how much she matters to you with a heartfelt, handwritten note asking her to make the switch to vaping. Then surprise her with her very own V2 Pro Series 3 to help get her started.


#2 An Indulgent Escape

There’s no need to take mom very far for a little R&R! Get creative and plan her a soothing spa day staycation to melt her stress away. Deliver her spa massage gift certificate in a basket filled with luxe-feeling goodies. Things like a super soft robe, an eye mask, and some comfy slippers. And don’t forget to include a brand new EX rose gold battery, EX blanks, and Charlie’s Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi to keep the luxury feeling going on her vape break.


V2 Limited Edition Mother's Day Bundle


#3 Puffs, Petals & Pastries

No matter the holiday, nothing says “I love you” quite like sweet treats and beautiful blooms. So, if that’s your usual go-to gift, why not sweeten the deal a little bit more? This year, trade the bonbons and bright bouquet for a cute and thoughtful basket of delicious bake shop treats, a V2 Mother’s Day Bundle (1 Standard Kit – 1 Soft Case) paired with Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey, and a beautiful arrangement of her favorite flowers.


#4 Beautifying TLC

Your mom probably spent a lot of time making sure your teeth were brushed, that you’d washed behind your ears, and your nails were clean and trimmed. So why not demonstrate your appreciation for all those years of loving care? A gift certificate for teeth whitening, a manicure, a pedicure, and a relaxing foot rub will make her feel rejuvenated and special – especially if you present it to her over a fabulous Mother’s Day dinner.


Mother's Day Gifts


#5 Music to Her Ears

Lullabies can’t be the only songs moms know! You must be familiar with at least some of your mom’s favorite songs. This Mother’s Day, you could put some pep back in her step by surprising her with tickets to an upcoming concert or musical that she’d love to attend. Not the going out type? You can still move her with music – get her a gift card or subscription to download or stream ad-free music, and some fashionable earbuds too.


Moms, what was the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? Share it in the comments below. Or, if you think you’ve given your mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever, share it below!


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  1. I recieve the V.2 starter kitt in 2012. i made the switch from newport 100 to v2 cig in less than 2 days. my two daughters gifted me this for mothers day 2012. best gift ever. it showed me how much they really loved me. I also love them very much too. I have not touched a Newport since.

  2. Theresa Barnett says:

    My mother just turned 86 years old has nine children and 97 great-grandchildren she has collected buttons all of her life and her beautiful button I check it to do it on a canvas I put one in between that was her that represented her and then once all around and then I’ll leave one grandbaby’s great great great grandchildren so 90 some buttons on its canvas for my mother in the family she created I love her so much and I hope she has a wonderful Mother’s Day she’s in the nursing home and we’ll be coming home on the 12th

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