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Smoking Hits All-Time Low According to NBC News

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As reported by NBC News, a CDC study shows that smoking has hit an all-time low with only 14% of US adults smoking last year. This is down from 16% of adults for the prior year. And, for some perspective, it’s down from 42% of the US population during the 1960s, when smoking was much more common.


smoking at an all time low


With regard to electronic cigarettes, the article states:


“The launch of electronic cigarettes and their growing popularity has also likely played a role. E-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine into a vapor without the harmful by-products generated from burning tobacco.”


For V2 customers, the effect of ecigarettes on their smoking habit is well documented in our ecig forum and in our customer testimonials. While this evidence is anecdotal, it does signify a shift that is worthy of being researched.


photo of a man switching from smoking to vaping


As you can see on our latest vaping infographic, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking according to a Public Health England study. Not only that, but in England smoking is trending downward while the use of electronic cigarettes continues to rise. This combined with the fact that vaping is cheaper makes a good case for making the switch.


The NBC and Public Health England studies aren’t the only ones to conclude that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. The National Academy of Sciences came to this conclusion as well. You can read more about that study in a previous blog post.


photo of a vape and cigarettes


While vaping is usually associated with younger generations, seniors have become a very important part of the vaping community. Some have been smoking for decades and have not had success with quitting in any other way. With health risks much higher than the average person, seniors who vape are perhaps the best example of how making the switch can help curb your smoking habit.


What are your thoughts on the NBC News findings about the recent decrease in smoking? Does it reinforce what you already know, or are you surprised to hear this? Comment below and share on social media to keep this important conversation going!


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