Introducing the VOID Vaporizer by XEO

  • Interchangeable coils are compatible with PG or VG (1.0 Ω or 0.6 Ω)
  • High-capacity built in tank holds 2 ml
  • Virtually leak-proof construction
  • Long-lasting battery life (1500 mAh)
  • Variable Airflow settings
  • Durable, single-body construction

V2 sells e-liquid that is optimized for PG or VG, depending on the brand you choose. Our selection of VG e-liquid includes Cosmic Vapor and XEO. E-liquid is made of a few primary ingredients in a base of either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). PG e-liquid offers a more robust flavor and vaporizes at lower temperatures. VG e-liquid is known for producing giant vapor clouds and has a thicker composition, making it suitable for higher vaping temperatures.

Ohm refers to the electrical resistance of your vaporizer’s atomizer. Current V2 products have a regular ohm which produces robust flavor and consistent vapor when used with PG e-liquids. VOID by XEO features both ohm (1.0 Ω) and sub-ohm (0.6 Ω) interchangeable coils. With sub-ohm there is less electrical resistance, so the device is able to reach higher temperatures. It’s important to vape an e-liquid intended for use with these temperatures which is why sub ohm vaporizers are optimized for use with VG e-liquid. It is also recommended that you vape a lower nicotine strength when using a sub ohm device.