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Introducing V2 BOLD

v2 bold


  • V2’s new proprietary nicotine formulation provides instant satisfaction that lasts.

  • Stronger nicotine hit - designed for heavy smokers.

  • Convenient pre-filled cartridges for customers on-the-go.

  • Available in both V2 Classic Cartridges (for V2 Classic / EX batteries) and V2 Pro Pods - compatible with Series 3, Series 3X, and Series 7* (with adapter).

  • Launching in our 2 most popular flavors: V2 Red and V2 Menthol
v2 bold pro pods



  • Pre-filled disposable pods, just pop in and vape.
  • Compatible with all V2 Pro Vaporizers: Series 3, Series 3X & Series 7* (with adapter).
  • Now available in V2 Red and V2 Menthol flavors.


v2 bold classic cartridges


V2 BOLD Classic Cartridges deliver our strongest nicotine hit yet! Simply screw the cartridge onto your compatible V2 ecig battery to begin puffing on-the-go.


  • Compatible with all V2 Classic and EX batteries.
  • V2's new BOLD nicotine formulation delivers 3.4% nicotine strength to satisfy cravings.
  • Choose from V2’s most popular V2 Red and V2 Menthol flavors.