Introducing VERTX & VERTX Plus

  • Touch screen controls for variable voltage settings*
  • High-capacity cartridge reservoir
  • Reimagined, lightweight construction
  • Battery charge LED indicator
  • Available with prefilled or blank cartridges
  • Magnetically connected charger & cartridges
  • VERTX can be used even while it's charging
  • Blank cartridges feature convenient, top-fill design
  • Longest battery life of any micro-cig
  • Up to 650 puffs per cartridge
  • 420 mAh

*VERTX Plus Only

Drop a cartridge into the recessed chamber and it connects with a satisfying click. Take a puff and you’ll discover the pure flavor and thick vapor that are the trademarks of our high capacity system. With up to three times as many puffs per cartridge as our Classic prefilled line, VERTX and VERTX Plus deliver a premium experience for an unbeatable value. Enjoy prefilled with any flavor of V2 Platinum E-Liquid or pair a blank cartridge with your favorite PG blend.

VERTX PLUS available in your choice of three colors: Black, Rose Gold and Gunmetal

The unmatched power of VERTX and VERTX Plus is the result of a completely reimagined heating element. Brilliantly engineered for maximum efficiency, this innovative atomizer ensures lasting battery life and massive vapor production.

  • Customize your VERTX Plus experience with three unique voltage settings
  • An LED gauge indicates the level of power remaining
  • VERTX and VERTX Plus can be used even while charging

The sleek exterior of VERTX and VERTX Plus is designed to accommodate your every need; from the technical to the mundane. Swipe your finger along the glowing touch screen controls of VERTX Plus to adjust the settings of your device - you can even control the brightness of the panel and power gauge. And the flat edge of VERTX and VERTX Plus gives the device added stability, so rollaway ecigs are a thing of the past.